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Advances in Ophthalmology and Optometry


Myron Yanoff



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  • Description: 
    Advances in Ophthalmology and Optometry reviews the most current practices in both ophthalmology and optometry. A distinguished editorial board, headed by Dr. Myron Yanoff, identifies key areas of major progress and controversy and invites expert ophthalmologists and optometrists to contribute original articles devoted to these topics. Broken into sections, the the third Volume in the series covers topics within each of the following categories: Optometry, Cataracts, Pediatrics, Ophthalmic Pathology & Ocular Oncology, Vitreoretinal Disease, Glaucoma, Neuro-ophthalmology, Oculoplastics, and Uveitis. 
    Table Of Contents:

    Optimizing Visual Performance for Sport

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Its Applications in Vision and Eye Care

    Virtual Reality Applications in Vision Therapy Pediatric

    Prediction Models for Retinopathy of Prematurity

    Collagen Cross-linking in Children

    Automated Vision Screening in Children

    Ophthalmic Pathology & Ocular Oncology

    Localized Toxicity from Intraocular Chemotherapy in Retinoblastoma

    Topical Chemotherapy and the Evolving Role of the Biopsy for OSSN

    Evidence for Dose De-Escalation in Brachytherapy Treatment for Choroidal Melanoma Vitreoretinal Disease

    Recent Innovations in Drug Delivery for Retinal Diseases

    Advances in Retinal Imaging

    Update and Advances in Geographic and Dry ARMD Glaucoma

    Excimer Laser Trabeculostomy (ELT), Laser based MIGS

    Needle Revision of Filtration Blebs

    Treatment of Refractory Glaucoma Neuro-ophthalmology

    Cranial Nerve Palsies- What's New Cornea and External Diseases

    Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction

    Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Keratoplasty Oculoplastics

    Nonspecific Orbital Inflammation

    A Logical Approach to Bony Orbital Decompression Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease

    Facial Paralysis: Diagnosis and Management Uveitis

    Autoimmune Retinopathy: Challenges in Diagnosis and Management

    Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in the Diagnosis of Uveitis Cataracts

    Intraocular Antibiotics as Endophthalmitis Prophylaxis in Routine Cataract Surgery: Current Practices and Controversies

    Volume 3-1 
    By Myron Yanoff, MD, Professor and Chair, Department of Ophthalmology, Drexel University College of Medicine, Adjunct Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA

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