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Treating the Complete Denture Patient


Carl F. Driscoll (Editor), William Glen Golden (Editor)

1 / 2020



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  • Description

    This book presents step-by-step procedures for all techniques, materials, and methods associated with the use of complete dentures in dental practice. Written for dental students, dental general practitioners, and laboratory technicians, the book provides a practical approach to the complete denture patient. More than 800 photographs illustrate the text, making it easy to follow and apply in the practice or laboratory.  

    Treating the Complete Denture Patient covers all topics related to complete dentures, from the initial appointment and impressions to insertion and troubleshooting. Chapters discuss the diagnostic appointment, covering the analyzing of and treatment planning for edentulous patients; the making of preliminary impressions for the beginning stages of treatment; custom trays for final impression appointments; and much more. 

    • Presents easy-to-use, clinically relevant information on all topics related to complete dentures
    • Covers all the steps associated with providing complete dentures, from the initial appointment and impressions to inserting and troubleshooting problems
    • Features hundreds of high-quality color photographs to depict the concepts discussed
    • Includes access to a companion website offering video clips

    Treating the Complete Denture Patient is an essential resource for dental general practitioners, dental students, and laboratory technicians.

    Foreword vii

    Acknowledgements ix

    About the Companion Website xi

    1 The Diagnostic Appointment 1

    2 Preliminary Impressions 5

    3 Custom Trays: The Key to a Great Final Impression 17

    4 Using Custom Trays to Make Final Impressions 25

    5 The Final Impression 41

    6 Boxing and Pouring a Final Impression 47

    7 Base Plates and Occlusion Rims 51

    8 Adjusting Wax Rims to Fit the Patient 57

    9 Using the Denar Facebow 59

    10 Mounting Maxillary Casts on an Articulator 63

    11 Centric Relation Records 67

    12 Selecting Proper Denture Teeth 73

    13 Setting Anterior Denture Teeth 81

    14 Setting Posterior Anatomic Teeth in Bilaterally Balanced Occlusion 85

    15 Setting Zero‐Degree Posterior Teeth in Monoplane Occlusion 93

    16 Overview of Lingualized Occlusion 99

    17 Setting Teeth in a Lingualized Occlusion 105

    18 The Anterior Esthetic Wax Try-In 111

    19 The Complete Denture Wax-Up 115

    20 Sealing Complete Dentures to the Cast 121

    21 The Wax Try-in of Teeth 123

    22 Making an Arbitrary Posterior Palatal Seal in the Lab 135

    23 Interacting with Dental Labs 137

    24 Flasking, Packing, and Processing Complete Dentures 139

    25 Completing a Laboratory Remount 151

    26 Making a Remount Index 155

    27 Remove Complete Denture from the Cast and Finish 159

    28 Quality Standards in Appearance 165

    29 Inserting Complete Dentures in the Mouth 169

    30 Performing a Clinical Remount 175

    31 Equilibrating Dentures Set in Lingualized Occlusion 187

    32 Equilibrating Fully Anatomic (30°) Set‐Ups 191

    33 Equilibrating Complete Dentures Set in a Monoplane Occlusion 197

    34 Troubleshooting Complete Denture Problems 199

    35 Replacing Teeth on a Complete Denture 215

    36 Repairing a Broken Complete Denture 219

    37 Using Implants to Stabilize a Complete Denture 229

    38 Immediate Complete Dentures 239

    39 Tissue Conditioners 253

    40 The Fabrication of Digital Complete Dentures 263

    List of Captions 271

    Index 293

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