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Nature's Morphology


Kataoka, Shigeo and Nishimura, Yoshimi

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336 ilustraciones

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    To attain a natural look in ceramic restorations, the technician must be able to successfully reproduce three critical aspects of a natural tooth: single-tooth morphology, tooth alignment, and natural tooth color. This beautifully illustrated atlas provides technicians with images and information that will help them produce functional and esthetic restorations.

    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Tooth Morphology 
    The Three Basic Shapes of Morphology of a Tooth Crown 
    Transition of the Basic Three Morphologies toward Succeeding Teeth

    Chapter 2 Characteristics of Tooth Morphology 
    Various Forms of Natural Teeth 
    Three Typical Forms of Natural Teeth 
    Characteristics of the Labial Surface 
    Characteristics of the Lingual Surface 
    Characteristics of the Proximal Surfaces
    Transition Between Surfaces 
    Reproduction of the Form with Well-Developed Marginal Ridges 
    Reproduction of the Standard Form 
    Reproduction of the Form Without Particular Characteristics 

    Chapter 3 The Effect of Aging on Tooth Morphology
    Changes in Tooth Appearance 
    Extrinsic Factors that Affect the Appearance of Tooth Crowns 
    Expression of Changes in Tooth Morphology and Dentition with Age

    Chapter 4 Contouring Ceramic Restorations I 
    Contouring a Single Restoration 
    Adjustment of Proximal Contact Areas 
    Gross Contouring I-Three-Surfaces Labial Composition
    Gross Contouring II-Contouring the Marginal Ridges and the Proximal Transitional Surfaces 
    Gross Contouring-Contouring of the Lingual Surface 
    Intermediate Finishing I-Contouring of the Line Angles, Transitional Areas, and Primary Ridges 
    Intermediate Finishing II-Contouring of Transverse Ridges and Grooves Finishing I-Reproduction of Surface Texture 
    Finishing II-Contouring of Detailed Surface Texture and Polishing Completion Examples of a Single Restoration 

    Chapter 5 Contouring Ceramic Restorations II 
    Contouring a Three-Unit Fixed Partial Denture 
    Gross contouring I -Adjustment of Incisal-Edge Length and Contouring the Three-Surface Labial Composition 
    Gross Contouring II- Adjustment of the Midline Area (Interproximal Space) 
    Gross Contouring III- Contouring of the Proximal Transitional Surfaces and Individualization 
    Intermediate Finishing I-Contouring the Transitional Proximal Surface
    Intermediate Finishing II-Contouring the Labial Ridges
    Finishing I-Finishing of Proximal Area and Contouring the Lingual Grooves
    Finishing II-Surface Characterization and Polishing
    Completed Fixed Partial Denture
    Incisal View, Lateral View

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